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Year 5

Welcome to Badger Class

Mothers' Day

We hope that you enjoyed receiving our Mothers' Day gofts. We certainly enjoyed making them!

Painting with Watercolours

Miss Collins, has been teaching us how to paint with watercolours. We have learned techniques for painting sky, grass, trees, sea and sunsets. Here is a selection of our work.


Sea, sky and trees

Rivers and The Water Cycle

We have been learning about how rivers start and the different parts of rivers. Our 3D drawings show a river from source to mouth.

3D pictures of rivers from source to mouth

We are writing explanatory texts to explain the water cycle. These are the fabulous diagrams that we have drawn to include in our texts.
Picture 1

The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

We have really enjoyed our work on the Highwayman. We got very involved in the characters of The Highwayman himself as well as Bess, his true love and Tim the Ostler. We have written The Highwayman's story and created some lovely pictures of the setting at the beginning of the poem using charcoal and ink.

Our settings and stories

Snowy Days

We have great fun playing in the snow over the last few weeks. It has also helped us with our science as we were able to carry out an experiment to see which conditions made for better evaporation of water from our wet socks and gloves. We found out that heat, wind and the surface area of the clothes exposed to the air affected the speed at which our clothes dried! 

Fun in the snow.... and wet socks!

Forest Schools

Wednesday saw the final session of Forest Schools and Badger Class all went out to enjoy marshmallows and hot chocolate around the fire. Badgers have loved their Forest School activities this term. Thanks Miss Kharnum and Mrs Green!

Decorations Workshop 29th November, 2017


Lots of parents of Badger Class members joined us to help us make our Christmas decorations. We made snowflakes using lolly sticks and decorated them with lots of sparkly things! They looked great!


School Trip 28.11.17

Badger Class visited Easton College as part of their work on where our food comes from. We arrived at Easton at 10am and spend the morning walking around the farm with our guides finding out about the animals.

After lunch, we made butter, ground wheat into flour and extracted oil from oil seed rape. We left the farm at 2 o clock, knowing far more about food production than we did four hours earlier!

Badger Class have just finished reading 'The Many Worlds of Albie Bright' by Christopher Edge and we loved it! We held a book party and invited our parents to come and share some activities with us. In class, we have been writing interviews with Albie for a children's magazine and we read some of the questions and answers to our parents. Then we carried out a science experiment and made rainbow water. By adding different amounts of sugar to coloured water, we were able to stack different colours on top of each other.

Finally, over half term, we were given homework to invent a machine that could transport us to a parallel universe. We brought our designs to the party and voted for our favourites. Well done to Georgia, Jazmin, Lucy, Ryan and Ellie whose designs received most votes.

Picture 1 Making rainbow water
Picture 2 Making rainbow water
Picture 3 Katie's layered rainbow water
Picture 4 Mackenzie's rainbow water
Picture 5 Jazmin's rainbow water
Picture 6 Joe's rainbow water
Picture 7 Elliot's banana model
Picture 8 Jazmin's model with fairy lights
Picture 9 Joshua's model
Picture 10 Beatrice's telephone time machine
Picture 11 Aoife's model was powered by marshmallows
Picture 12 Cami's colourful model

Badger Class have been learning about the artist Paul Klee. We looked in particular at his painting Park near Lu painted in 1938 in which trees and other things in the park were represented by black lines with colour in between representing the foliage. The inspiration was a park near the sanatorium where Klee's wife was cared for.

We used the School grounds as our inspiration to paint our own pictures.

A Week in Badger Class -  21st September, 2017

This week, we have started to plan our Macmillan Coffee Morning which is to be held on 29th September in the school hall between 9.30 and 10.30. Everyone is welcome! We hope to raise as much money for the charity as possible.

We have researched recipes, made a shopping list, sent out invitations and written a letter to parents asking for donations of cakes or ingredients. We are looking forward to baking cup cakes next week.

Picture 1
Welcome to the new term. Badger Class now has 32 pupils.  We have been writing book recommendations for our Reading Corner and also learning how to draw faces in proportion. They make a great display!
Picture 1