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Year 5

Welcome to Badger Class


Welcome to Badger Class!














Forest Schools

Wednesday saw the final session of Forest Schools and Badger Class all went out to enjoy marshmallows and hot chocolate around the fire. Badgers have loved their Forest School activities this term. Thanks Miss Kharnum and Mrs Green!

Decorations Workshop 29th November, 2017


Lots of parents of Badger Class members joined us to help us make our Christmas decorations. We made snowflakes using lolly sticks and decorated them with lots of sparkly things! They looked great!


School Trip 28.11.17

Badger Class visited Easton College as part of their work on where our food comes from. We arrived at Easton at 10am and spend the morning walking around the farm with our guides finding out about the animals.

After lunch, we made butter, ground wheat into flour and extracted oil from oil seed rape. We left the farm at 2 o clock, knowing far more about food production than we did four hours earlier!

Badger Class have just finished reading 'The Many Worlds of Albie Bright' by Christopher Edge and we loved it! We held a book party and invited our parents to come and share some activities with us. In class, we have been writing interviews with Albie for a children's magazine and we read some of the questions and answers to our parents. Then we carried out a science experiment and made rainbow water. By adding different amounts of sugar to coloured water, we were able to stack different colours on top of each other.

Finally, over half term, we were given homework to invent a machine that could transport us to a parallel universe. We brought our designs to the party and voted for our favourites. Well done to Georgia, Jazmin, Lucy, Ryan and Ellie whose designs received most votes.

Picture 1 Making rainbow water
Picture 2 Making rainbow water
Picture 3 Katie's layered rainbow water
Picture 4 Mackenzie's rainbow water
Picture 5 Jazmin's rainbow water
Picture 6 Joe's rainbow water
Picture 7 Elliot's banana model
Picture 8 Jazmin's model with fairy lights
Picture 9 Joshua's model
Picture 10 Beatrice's telephone time machine
Picture 11 Aoife's model was powered by marshmallows
Picture 12 Cami's colourful model

Badger Class have been learning about the artist Paul Klee. We looked in particular at his painting Park near Lu painted in 1938 in which trees and other things in the park were represented by black lines with colour in between representing the foliage. The inspiration was a park near the sanatorium where Klee's wife was cared for.

We used the School grounds as our inspiration to paint our own pictures.

A Week in Badger Class -  21st September, 2017

This week, we have started to plan our Macmillan Coffee Morning which is to be held on 29th September in the school hall between 9.30 and 10.30. Everyone is welcome! We hope to raise as much money for the charity as possible.

We have researched recipes, made a shopping list, sent out invitations and written a letter to parents asking for donations of cakes or ingredients. We are looking forward to baking cup cakes next week.

Picture 1
Welcome to the new term. Badger Class now has 32 pupils.  We have been writing book recommendations for our Reading Corner and also learning how to draw faces in proportion. They make a great display!
Picture 1



Trip to Ancient House Museum - 12th June 2017


As part of our World War 2 topic, Badger and Hedgehog Classes visited Ancient House Museum in Thetford for an Evacuee Experience Day. Amongst other things, the children experienced  'Made do and Mend', war time cookery on rations, Digging for Victory and strategic planning with the Home Guard. A great day was had by all.

Trip to Banham Zoo - 20th April 2017


Badger Class along with Otter Class visited Banham Zoo as part of their work on North and South America and life cycles. We visited the different animals noting where they came from. Some obviously had heard that we were visiting as they stayed out of sight but we were able to see many of the species and find out facts about them.

Each class  had a 40 minute discovery session about the life cycles of the different animal groups and then were able to handle a snake, a giant land snail and a hissing cockroach should they wish to do so. A great day was had by all!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

A Week in Badger Class 3.3.17


We have been finding out about life cycles this week. The children watched a lovely film showing the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly then wrote explanatory texts explaining the process. They also read a text about the lifecycle of the hummingbird and wrote it as a diary from the female hummingbird's point of view. An example of each is below.

Picture 1
Picture 2

A week in Badger Class 26.2.17

This week, we have been researching and writing information texts on Rainforests. We were helping an ex-pupil who had got lost exploring a rainforest and needed help in knowing what dangers he might face. The children asked themselves questions such as 'Do people live in the Rainforest?' and used books and the internet to answer them before writing their text. We also made pictures of rainforest animals using different paint techniques. They are so bright and colourful.

A Week in Badger Class 20.1.17


The children have enjoyed the activities in Stem Week. Our ‘Fogg Mobiles’ have been designed and we are in the process of writing an explanation of how they work.

We have learned about gravitation forces and buoyancy by making a life raft for the Fogg Mobile using foil and straws which can hold as many people as possible. Some ideas were very inventive.

We have had our first ukulele lesson, learning how to hold the ukulele and how to play the chord of C major.


Declan and Imogen have started our world tour of landmarks. Declan is visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Imogen the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Their task is to find out about their landmark and send a postcard to the rest of the class with the information that they have gleaned.

Picture 1
Picture 2

A week in Badger Class - 13.1.17


Badger Class have settled back to work quickly after the Christmas break.

Our topic this term is ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’ and we have started to enjoy a retelling of the classic novel by Jules Verne of the same name. We now know where the seven continents and five oceans are in the world and some facts about them.

In literacy we are writing explanation texts. Having looked at examples and found out what features a good text should include, we are preparing to write our own. We are designing a vehicle for Phileas Fogg which will take him around the world without relying on public transport and will then write an explanation of how it works.

In maths, we are learning about fractions and have made diagrams showing equivalent fractions.


Next week, we are looking forwards to STEM week and finishing our explanations. We are also looking forward to our first ukulele lesson.

Picture 1
Picture 2

A Week in Badger Class 12.11.16


This week, we have been finding out about the properties of different materials in science. We sorted them according to their properties finding out if they were rigid, magnetic, transparent and hard.

We have also investigated which materials dissolve in water, creating a fair test to test our theories. This week, we will take our investigation further by finding out if water temperature affects whether a material dissolves.

In English, we have been writing about Anglo-Saxon jobs and trades using complex sentences whilst in maths, we have been finding out about multiples, factors and prime numbers.

Our Anglo – Saxon houses are almost finished!

International week in Badger Class


We had a fabulous five days in Germany during International Week. We visited five different cities to find out about different aspects of Germany.

On Monday, we ‘flew’ to Berlin and did some sightseeing in order to find out about the history of the country. We visited the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and Museum Island as well more modern attractions.

On Tuesday, we went to Frankfurt to find out about food. The children ordered breakfast in German and went to cookery school to learn how to make Wurst Salat, a traditional German sausage salad.

Wednesday took us to Dresden where we visited the Art Museum. Here, we found out about the artist, Paul Klee and painted in his style. This involved lots of colour mixing of tints and shades.

On Thursday, we went to Munich to find out about the geography of the country and we listened to music composed by German composers. We also learned a song about colours.

On Friday, we went souvenir shopping in Cologne. The children were challenged to spend 50 euros before flying back from Cologne airport.

The children made travel journals to record their visit. Congratulations to Kate, Declan, Kristian and Lily whose journals were particularly interesting and well thought out.


Picture 1 Lilly making Wurst Salat
Picture 2 Adding the oil
Picture 3 Lily mixing shades and tints of blue
Picture 4 Callum painting in the style of Paul Klee

A week in Badger Class

5th October, 2016


This week, we have designed settlements, imagining that we were Anglo- Saxons arriving in Britain. We thought about where we would want to settle and what we would need nearby. Having drawn the plans, we made prototype houses for our village and are now measuring and cutting wood for our models. Once the village is finished, we will be inviting everyone to come and visit!

Picture 1 A protoype Saxon House by Faith and Kate
Picture 1 Lily measuring carefully



A Week in Badger Class

30th September


This week was a hive of activity in Badger Class as we made the final preparations for the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday. Having selected cake recipes and completed the maths to find out what ingredients were needed, there was baking to do. Cakes galore were made and iced.

In the classroom, bunting was made and tickets for the tombola were printed and folded. The teamwork was excellent!

The morning was very well attended and Badgers were very attentive waiters and waitresses persuading people to drink more coffee and eat more cakes than they probably intended to!

Leftover cakes were sold after school. The total raised so far is £440. We are hoping that sales of the quiz will boost it a little more.

Well done Badgers!

Picture 1 Joel and Callum making Lemon Cakes

A Week in Badger Class

23rd September, 2016


Yesterday, we enjoyed our trip to the Anglo-Saxon Village at West Stow near Bury St Edmunds. After an introductory talk and a film, we went to explore the seven houses that make up the village. Each has been reconstructed using the evidence of building methods discovered by archaeologists. We had a good look at how they were constructed so that we can build our own model houses later this term.

After lunch, we had a short look around the museum before getting the bus back to school. A great day was had by all!

Picture 1



A Week in Badger Class



9th September, 2016


As an introduction to our topic ‘The Anglo Saxons’ we became archaeologists on Tuesday. Having heard the story of the discovery of Anglo-Saxon treasures at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk in 1939, we investigated our own suspicious mound on the school field and treasures were found! We pieced our pieces together and then looked at the artifacts to see what we could tell about the invaders. We were very impressed at how they used metal and precious stones to make beautiful things.



In maths, we have been reading and writing numbers with 5,6 or even 7 digits and breaking them down to say what each digit is worth.


In English, we are learning about the features of different traditional tales. We acted out fables and then decided what they all had in common. This was fun and enabled us to try out some of the teamwork skills that we talked about on the first day.


Next week, we need to start to plan our coffee morning in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Fund. Only three weeks to go!