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The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd

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Chapter 1: Battle of the Bongle

Chapter 2: The Jam Roly-Poly of Doom

Chapter 3: Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? Is It a Super-Maggot?

Chapter 4: IT'S A DRAGON!

Chapter 5: The Tomtom and Jerry Show

Chapter 6: Banana Blobalob

Chapter 7: Doughnuts and Dragon-Fruit Crumble

Chapter 8: That's Grim, That Is

Chapter 9: Poo Patrol, Goldfish and Ninja Tortoises.

Chapter 10: Why You Should Never Keep a Dragon in Your Rucksack

Chapter 11: Quiet, Please - No Screaming

Chapter 12: A Present for Liam

Chapter 13: Slugs and Superheroes

Chapter 14: Crispy Cornflake Crumb-fest

Chapter 15: Bingo!

Chapter 16: Bat Watch

Chapter 17: Oi, Stinker!

Chapter 18: Nosy Eyes

Chapter 19: Coffee Surprise

Chapter 20: The Great Idea

Chapter 21: The Long Wait

Chapter 22: Operation Fruit Burst

Chapter 23: Attack of The Killer Leaf

Chapter 24: Here Be Dragons!

Chapter 25: Grand High DragonMaster

Chapter 26: Poor Guppie!

Chapter 27: Flaming Cabbages

One member of Kingfisher class has been inspired to grow his own 'Dragonfruit'.  Lets hope not too many dragons hatch!

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If you are enjoying this story, why not check out Andy Shepherd's website to find craft ideas, writing prompts and other books in the same series.