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The Boy Who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd


Chapter 1: Battle of the Bongle

Chapter 2: The Jam Roly-Poly of Doom

Chapter 3: Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? Is It a Super-Maggot?

Chapter 4: IT'S A DRAGON!

Chapter 5: The Tomtom and Jerry Show

Chapter 6: Banana Blobalob

Chapter 7: Doughnuts and Dragon-Fruit Crumble

Chapter 8: That's Grim, That Is

Chapter 9: Poo Patrol, Goldfish and Ninja Tortoises.

Chapter 10: Why You Should Never Keep a Dragon in Your Rucksack

Chapter 11: Quiet, Please - No Screaming

Chapter 12: A Present for Liam

Chapter 13: Slugs and Superheroes

Chapter 14: Crispy Cornflake Crumb-fest

Chapter 15: Bingo!

Chapter 16: Bat Watch

Chapter 17: Oi, Stinker!

Chapter 18: Nosy Eyes

Chapter 19: Coffee Surprise

Chapter 20: The Great Idea

Chapter 21: The Long Wait

Chapter 22: Operation Fruit Burst

Chapter 23: Attack of The Killer Leaf

Chapter 24: Here Be Dragons!

Chapter 25: Grand High DragonMaster

Chapter 26: Poor Guppie!

Chapter 27: Flaming Cabbages

One member of Kingfisher class has been inspired to grow his own 'Dragonfruit'.  Lets hope not too many dragons hatch!

If you are enjoying this story, why not check out Andy Shepherd's website to find craft ideas, writing prompts and other books in the same series.