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Virtual Sports Day 2020.

Welcome to Virtual Sports Day 2020!

Dear parents, guardians and children of Hingham Primary School, please read the information on this page to find out about this year’s Virtual Sports Day. As ever, the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and taking part, but the format of the event is a little different…

What does my child need to do?

  • The children will compete in their Colour Teams. Please wear a coloured t-shirt to represent their Colour Team (Red, Blue, Yellow or Green). Please wear shorts and appropriate shoes for PE.
  • Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions, keep hydrated and don’t over exert yourselves.

You have 2 weeks to complete the events and submit your scores.

Please submit your results by Friday 17th July 2020. Unfortunately, any results received after this date, will not be included.

What are the events?

  • Please see below for explanations of how to set up, take part and score each event. Some of the events have a short guide video too. 
  • Please complete each of the 12 events. First record the score and then the points on the ‘Score Sheet’. You may wish to print the ‘Score Sheet’ which can be found below this section.
  • The events have been designed so that they can be completed with objects at home.
  • Please add up the total points for the 12 events and write the total at the bottom of the ‘Score Sheet’.
  • For the 13th event called ‘The Captain Tom’, which replaces ‘The Barry Dack’ for one year only, please write the points at the bottom of the ‘Score Sheet’ too. 

Please download the Score Sheet here...

How do we submit our results?

Child’s name:


Colour Team:

Total points for Events 1 to 12:

Total points for ‘The Captain Tom’:

Does my child get a Virtual Sports Day Certificate?

  • Yes, when you have completed the Virtual Sports Day events, please print the ‘Sports Day Certificate’ below and write your child’s name on it.

Please download the Certificate here...

What happens after the results have been submitted?

  • We will collate the results and announce the overall winning Colour Team.


  • If you would like to, please also send any photographs or videos of your Virtual Sports Day to and we will add them to the school website.  

Good luck, have fun and keep safe!