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Year 5

Year 5 Spring Term - Curriculum Overview

Year 5 Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July 2020


Good morning Badgers - I hope you had a lovely 'transition week' with the delightful Mrs Dixon.  I am going to attempt a teams meeting (video chat/call) with anyone from Badgers who would like to join me tomorrow at 9:30am.


If you would like to join, please email me by 2pm today, with your preferred email address to and I will send you the link to join in tomorrow morning.


Can you believe we are almost at the end of another year? Today and tomorrow I'd like you to spend some time enjoying the following programmes, take part in some of the quizzes and email me with your favourite fact by Tuesday 21st July.


Gory Games


Horrible Histories


Deadly 60


Art Ninja


Operation Ouch


Blow your mind




Most of all, be sure to have some fun and make sure you go out and get some exercise and sun.


Wishing you all the best of everything.


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham


Hedgehogs to Badgers (Welcome Hedgers)!

Transition week - Hedgehogs to Badgers Week commencing Monday 13th July


Good morning


I hope this message finds you well!


Welcome to the Badgers Class Page and to transition. Please find below some transition activities to complete during this week.


I have attached some supplementary English and Maths should you wish for a little more.


Have a great week. Any questions please send them to


Best regards


Mrs Goreham

Wednesday 15th July 

Good morning 'Hedgers'

I hope this email finds you well!

Today is shoe box portrait day - please see the PowerPoint presentation under Monday's tasks for more information:

If you don't have a shoebox, feel free to improvise - you could present your work as a Power-Point slide instead and practice your cutting and pasting skills! Or even create an animation on scratch: Sign up for an account here

Email your photograph, slide or link to

Remember to keep practising your times tables and to record your results on your scorecard!

Stay safe and stay in touch

Mrs Goreham

Thursday 16th July


Good morning 'Hedgers'


I hope this email finds you well.

Please find below today's transition learning activities - remember to complete the times tables challenge daily and record your progress during the week on your scorecard. Email these to the badger email address (below) on Friday please.

Today I would like you to create your very own 'coat of arms' (more information here:, expressing your qualities, values, skills and proudest achievements - see the attached for template ideas -again these are just a representation of how you might wish to present your work and do not have to be used.


You may decide to complete this activity using an art software program e.g. Paint or PowerPoint, you may even decide to create your very own 'shield' using recycled cardboard and actual live real paint -perhaps you like to embroider or sew? A big project for a single day, but you might design your coat of arms as a cross stitch pattern.  It is entirely up to you, take it in which direction you choose!


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham

Badger's Hall of Fame

Badger's Writing Hall of Fame - June 2020

Grace's Hive Mind Project :0)

Ruby's 'Missing' Mirkwood Chapter for The Hobbit

Elisa's Mystery Chapter - The Hobbit

Max's Hive Mind Presentation

Socially-distanced Selfie with Naga Munchetty!

PE Challenge today Monday 6th July


Good morning Badgers! Please find attached (above) your English and Maths for the week.


For PE today, I'd like you to think of a socially distanced PE game that a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 15 children could play between the ages of 6years to 11 years.


Socially distanced games are really tricky for most adults to think of, so this could be a real challenge!


Write a set of simple instructions to go with your game, remember your imperative verbs; think "Simon says..."


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham



Tuesday 7th July - History


Hello Badgers! 


For your history task, begin with the true or false game and tick the ones you think are true and put a cross on the ones that you think are false.


Use your 'true' statements to write your own description of Ancient Sumer religious beliefs and practices using the Religious Beliefs and Practices Activity Sheet.


Read through the lesson presentation to find out information about Ancient Sumer gods and goddesses.


Then, use the Godly Fact cards and undertake some of your own research to find out more about them.


Star Challenge:

1) Can you create a table or chart showing some of the different gods and goddesses from Ancient Sumer, what qualities they had and who worshipped them?

2) Can you create your own imaginary Ancient Sumerian god or goddess? What would they look like? What would they wear? What qualities would they have and why would people worship them? You could even write a story explaining how the became a god/goddess.

Wednesday 8th July


Good morning Badgers, please see your uploads for English and Maths from earlier in the week.


For today's geography, we are going to be learning about where our food comes from. And no, chips do not 'come from McDonald's'! :0)


1) I would like you to conduct some research on where our food comes from. Choose something and go backwards from the supermarket, through the supply chain to an item's producer. Where was the item produced? How can we find out?


2) What are Food Miles? What do you think food miles are? Bonus points for emailing to the best and clearest explanation of food miles.


3) Then, use your attached Food Miles Activity Sheet and this distance calculating website  to work out “as the crow flies” distances between a food’s country of origin and our school.


Note: use the 'clear' button after each calculation.


4) Record the distance between the places in miles, focusing on foods from Europe.

Can you record the distance between places in miles and mark the place of origin on a European map?

dren record the distance between the places in miles and mark the place of origin on a world map.


5) Does fewer miles mean better for the Environment? What do you think?


6) Find out about winter lettuces and broccoli. Are you surprised by this? What can consumers do?

What are the benefits of importing food? Should we import food from abroad? What are the benefits? What are the risks? 


Star challenge: Research the origins of a school dinner. Where does each ingredient come from?


Using a map, show the journey that each item might have made to reach the school. Switchit: One possible alternative to importing produce is to eat as much indigenous, seasonal produce as possible. Research what produce is available at different times of the year. Which foods cannot be grown or produced in the UK?



Thursday 9th July

Good morning Badgers!


Please find attached your learning tasks for today, English, Maths and Art!


Art Challenge: Using only paper, scissors and a glue stick, make a playground. Use one A4 sheet as the floor, then add folded, curled and interwoven pieces of paper to make slides, swings and other playground equipment attached to the ‘ground’.


Weaveit: Cut a couple of different coloured sheets of paper into even strips. Arrange the papers so that they weave in and out of one another. Stick into place.


Stay safe and stay in touch:


I am in school today so might be a little delayed in coming back to you but I will do my best.


Mrs Goreham :0)

Friday 10th July 

Good morning Badgers


Happy Friday! The sun has finally come out for us after a soggy and damp week!


Please refer to your English and Maths uploads (uploaded on Monday) but then a really nice activity to do outside, whether on the field in school, or out walking with your family bubbles.


A bird-watching or scavenger hunt - you choose - or you could do both (I would)!


Perhaps you could sketch anything that you see that isn't on the sheet and find out what it is later. You are all IT experts now and can find out anything learning based that you wish!


Have a wonderful weekend and see you on the other side of transition week, after a wonderful week with the most marvellous Mrs Dixon - I had lots of lovely teachers as a child, but everyone needs a Mrs Dixon in their lives. I am a huge fan of hers. Shhh! Don't tell her, she'll blush.


Mrs Goreham 

Bird-watching/ Scavenger Hunt


Science Monday 29th June


Good day Badgers


For your science this week, I would like you to complete an end of topic mind map to document everything you have learned since we started the unit.


Please see below for an example of a mind map, incase you have forgotten what one looks like!


Have a great week and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham


Include your favourite fact that you discovered!

Example of a science mind map to give you some ideas!

Week commencing 22nd June 


Good morning Badgers


I hope this message finds you all safe and well.


Please find below your learning activities in Maths and English for the week. Please see the link below for how to use a protractor.


Check back here daily for your topic activities.


Stay safe and stay in touch!


Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers


I hope this message finds you well.


Please complete your maths and English tasks posted earlier in the week and today there are some additional tasks for you. Find them below!


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham



Thursday 18th June 

Good morning Badgers! I hope this message finds you well.


Please continue to work your way through the maths and English tasks for this week and find below a topic lesson (geography) for you.


Do revisit BBC bitesize for their daily lessons for additional activities, especially on a rainy day like today!


But most of all, stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers!


I hope you are all well and managed to enjoy some sunshine this weekend! 


Please find your learning tasks for today below.


Next week, we are going to be looking at angles using a protractor, so this week it might be a good idea to mention this to whoever does your shopping if you don't have a protractor at home- I believe there are some really affordable maths sets which include protractors at Tescos, so perhaps you can lay your hands on one of these during this week's shop!


Otherwise Amazon is currently doing these sets for £2.88  - see this link:


I hope you have a great week -  stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham





Good morning Badgers!


Happy Friday!


Please find attached your learning tasks for today; remember today is your last day to work on your group mind/hive presentations. Please email them to


For your reading time, please listen to/read the last two chapters of The Hobbit - if you watch the videos, what do you notice?


Links below to Chapters 18 and 19!


Stay safe and stay in touch!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers!

Please find attached your learning activities for today. 

Last day to work on your presentations for the group/hive mind, then please email to by tomorrow!

For some additional topic work, I'd like you to research what 'a day in the life of' your dream career would look like, so you can start getting used to the idea! Work hours, interactions, travel, holidays, who you'd need to work with, how would you make sure you stayed on top of your 'game' and stayed current in your knowledge so to speak. There is nothing like planning ahead. :0)

Stay safe and stay in touch!

Mrs Goreham

Wednesday 10th June


Good morning Badgers


I hope you are all safe and well!


Please find your learning tasks for today below.


Have a look at some theory for your PE session via this link:


as well as remembering to get your daily exercise! 


Have a wonderful day.


Email your writing/presentations to


Stay safe and stay in touch!


Mrs Goreham





Tuesday 9th June 2020

Good morning Badgers!


Please find attached below your learning tasks for today.


Please continue with the 'Blow your mind Friday' topic through this week and send me your presentations to by Friday 12th June.


Stay safe and stay in touch!


Mrs Goreham


Good morning Badgers


Please find below your learning tasks for today.


I have attached the power point presentation that we looked at earlier in the year for how to write a good story opening, as well as a simple story checklist and a vocabulary mat as a reminder to vary your sentence starters.


Today, use your plans from Friday's lesson to start fleshing out your 'missing scene/chapter' from the Hobbit. For an added challenge, try to add dialogue between at least two characters, but don't overdo it and compromise your lovely descriptive writing!


See Friday's notes for how to make it satisfying!


Have a lovely day of learning.


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham

Friday 5th June

Good morning Badgers

I hope you are all well.

FINAL REMINDER: Today is the deadline for sending across a passport style photo if you would like a photo included with your report. There are only 3 who have not yet responded. Thankyou to all of you who have sent across yours. 

Please find attached your learning tasks for today, including a topic task which can continue into next week until it's done.

Here is the link to chapter 17 of The Hobbit, we are into the final few chapters now! 

With this time in lockdown I have been watching the bees and the ants closely and it got me thinking...what if humans were like that? What if there was really such a thing as a hive mind or group thought... Would it really be so bad? I don't know...I was hoping you could help me to decide.

I have attached some pointers to start off your research and look forward to what you discover. 

Stay safe and stay in touch!

Mrs Goreham


Thursday 4th June

Good morning Badgers

Please find attached your learning activities for today as well as your times tables maths answers from yesterday to mark your work with.

Attached here is also the statutory spellings list for year 5 and 6 which if you have time to fill need to be learned, so perhaps you can continue to work your way through them a few at a time and ask a sibling or parent to test you once a week.

Those of you who have been following the Hobbit story have done really well and the last 3 chapters will be going up in the next week or so. Let me know what you notice about the videos when they come out.

Reminder, passport style photos need to be in to the class email by Friday if you would like a photo to be included with your school report this year. Please send these to

I have uploaded your science activity PowerPoint to the class page as the file is too large to send over email.

Superstar challenge: To write the explanation text in the appropriate fashion, using key features of the layout: heading, subheading, paragraphs etc. Use the word mat to help you.

Remember, if you would like to scour the internet for alternative lessons, videos and topics please do so - if you check back to one of my earliest emails there were lots of links to exciting alternatives - go explore! Just keep me updated as to what you find and learn.

Stay in touch and stay safe!

Mrs Goreham

Dear Badgers

Good morning!

Just a reminder that you should all have contacted Mrs Dixon yesterday for your charanga secret login code - inside of the student account is information about a Big Sing!

Any questions about this, please ask Mrs Dixon.

Thankyou for your beautiful photos for your report cards those of you who have sent them in. Please send a passport sized photo of just you (no other siblings) in the photo if you would like a photo to be included in your end of year reports.

Deadline for these is Friday 5th June. Send to or to the office email if that's easier.


Please find your learning tasks for today attached, including additional times tables practice - green is easier and purple is harder - practise at least twice this week and time yourself each time. Answers will be uploaded to the school website tomorrow so that you can see how well you did. Please email through your results to For those of you trying the harder challenge there is a link to a video explaining square roots for those of you who may have forgotten what one is!

Stay safe and stay in touch!

Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers, Parents, Carers and Guardians


You are all doing a wonderful job and I do so love to hear from you!


Reminder: Please send your passport sized photos to as soon as possible, ideally by Friday 5th June otherwise I dread to think what I might have to dredge up ;0)

Please find attached your learning tasks for today. English and Maths


For music today please go to the Charanga website: 


Please send an email to Mrs Dixon at for the secret login code!


For the mechanical engineers among you please have a look around the Design and Technology section:


Stay safe and stay in touch:

Dear Badgers


Welcome to the Summer Termsmiley


We hope you have all had a wonderful half term week and are ready to get back into Home School.


Remember, do what you can and try your best, we know your families are juggling a lot at the moment.


Please find attached today's learning tasks.


Stay in touch and remember to send through your 'passport' photos




Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers!


Please find your learning tasks below and the links to the next two chapters of The Hobbit (chapters 13 and 14).


Today is PE, so if you can, try to get out into the sunshine this morning/afternoon!


See also, your science task for today, with the addition of some 'making' time.


Stay in touch


Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers and Parents/Carers of


Please find attached your English and Computing learning tasks for Thursday and Friday and the link to chapter 12 of the Hobbit is here to help you with your learning tasks:


Chapter 12


Continue to work through the BBC bitesize maths for your maths learning. Again, if it is too hard, try the year below, if too easy try the year 6 questions! Feel free to pick any other lessons that you like the look of or where you think you might need to work on a different area because you find it tricky. This is all fine too! 


As part of our geography topic, I would recommend a look at the following lessons:


Trade and Economy 


and Sustainability and Plastics


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham

Thursday and Friday English and Computing tasks

Good morning Badgers!


Please find below your English tasks for today.


Continue to work your way through BBC bitesize maths.


Try this link for extra PE today:

Free activities forever when you set up an account.


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham

Wednesday 13th May English Tasks

Tuesday 12th May English task

Dear Badgers and Parents/Carers Of


Please find attached your English task for today.


Music: Please learn about melody and pitch via BBC Bitesize: 

Melody and Pitch

and read about Bob Marley: 

Bob Marley:

What 3 things did you learn about him?

Perhaps you could have a go at learning and maybe even recording your own rendition of 3 little birds!


Continue with BBC bitesize for your daily maths today: 

Equivalent Fractions


Stay safe and stay in touch:


Mrs Goreham

Dear Badgers, Parents/Carers of

Please visit BBC bitesize for daily activities for the week commencing 11th May - you can look here for your maths this week.  

Too hard? Try a year below. Too easy? Try a year or two above for a challenge.

Some of you may have heard that Andy Serkis really liked our idea (!) and decided to read The Hobbit non-stop for please feel free to listen to his version if you'd prefer and donate if you can. Otherwise, Mrs Goreham is continuing, determined to finish the book with you. 

Chapter 8 went live on the school website at the end of last week, but can also be found here:

Chapter 9:

Listening to the chapters counts as your reading time. Don't forget your exercise regime also!

Please find English and science tasks for today. 

Stay safe and stay in touch,

Mrs Goreham




VE Day, Friday 7th May 2020

Jasmine's Journey through Mirkwood Forest

Hall of Fame: Grace's Journey through Mirkwood Forest. Well done!

Harry and Max's Extended write for Mirkwood Forest. Well done!

Thursday 7th May Learning Tasks - Use Internet for GEOGRAPHY if no atlas at home. Mrs G :0)

Wednesday 6th May - English Task

Please find attached your English task for today. Please complete the task after you have read through the PowerPoint.

Reading time: Please find the link to Chapter 7 of the Hobbit.

For your music, try the following activity (from the 1st May) duration, tempo and Beethoven and there are three worksheets that go with the learning activity that can be printed off at home

Good morning Badgers and Parents/Carers of

I hope this finds you well.

Please find attached today's learning tasks, Maths and English. For your topic work this week I would like you to ask yourself, 'What is it that I would like to do when I grow up?' and research the career path for your chosen job/career. Please think carefully about what qualities you have, what qualities you would like to develop and how you can plan your path to achieve your dream job/career.

I have attached a word template (below that you can edit and save) for you to help you structure your research/writing/notes but feel free to present your 'careers advice' to yourself however you choose.

Here is the link to Chapter 4 of the Hobbit which you will need before you can complete today's English task:

Remember that you can access the learning activities from the year 5 class page also, if you have any email/technical difficulties.

Stay safe and stay in touch through the Badgers email address.

Mrs Goreham

Good morning Badgers and Parents/Carers Of!

Please check the school gallery for a message from Rev Sally.

Here is the link to Chapter 3 for your English activity

Chapter 3 

Please find attached your English, maths and topic lessons for today. For your 'French Friday' activity, if you do not own a French dictionary at home, please do look up the answers using google translate to complete the crossword.

I have attached a trickier maths activity for those who might be interested. This is very much optional! (Expressing a quantity as a fraction or a percentage)

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Goreham

Welcome back Badgers! Week commencing 20th April 2020

Your Mission Badgers should you choose to accept it...Extended writing - Project

We’ve made bird feeders this week, dug out the compost, walked to the woods and learnt lots about geography, farm management and biology!

Protect the NHS - poster created by one of our lovely Badgers!

Roman Numerals practice and making cardboard sunflowers using old tester pots and recycled packaging!

Some of my work!

Future robot to solve the world's problems!

Reaction to Blobfish! Keeping busy - cook, bike, write, repeat -with a dash of reading by night light!

I've been keeping very busy running at least 1 mile a day, reading lots - The Hobbit! There is lava in my house! Virtual zoo visit, science: boiling sugar and making marshmallows, sugar crystals as well as lots of writing and maths!

Planting beans and onions in our new allotment.

Blobfish research! Also, we have been learning about Solids and liquids - Changes of state, including using chocolate...with the obligatory taste test at the end!

Before and after - Week 1 of homeschool

Hobbit reading and artwork, Food Tech, French and Hockney inspired art!

Parent letter Home school guidance suggested activities and useful weblinks

Weekly Ukulele Lessons in Year 5; this term we are learning to play 'Bring Me Sunshine'

Reading for pleasure. Here are some of the books we have shared in year 5 in the Autumn and Spring terms so far

World War II Experience Day, Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

A copy of the statutory Spellings List for Years 3,4, 5 and 6

Strategies to help your child with spellings

Year 5 and 6 Spellings Colour Me! Fish

Ideas for Spellings Practice for each day

Autumn Newsletter - New School Year