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At Hingham we use a range of strategies to teach reading including the following:


Initially the children learn phonics (the sounds letters can make) to read and to write. This is called Letters and Sounds. Children read regularly with their class teacher in reception (when the child is ready) to teach them how to apply the skills  to reading. In their daily letters and sounds sessions they apply their skills to writing and spelling.


As the children move through the school, further phonics teaching ensure that they continue to make progress. In year 1 they carry out the phonics screening.


Alongside the use of phonics, children are taught the "tricky words" which are words that can not be sounded out and need to be sight read.


As the children progress, they move through the book banded school reading books but are always encouraged to read for pleasure too, most importantly with an adult. Children are encouraged to read regularly at home through the reading challenges.


Most children will learn to read this way. For those who find phonics challenging we have support in place using Rapid Phonics. We are currently investing in the Arrow programme to support children who need additional support with reading.


For phonics we use:


  • Pearson Bug Club
  • Pearson Phonics Bug
  • Pearson Rapid Phonics
  • Mr Thorne's Phonics (website)
  • Espresso phonics


For reading we use:


  • Book banding to combine Oxford reading tree, Songbirds and other books that support skills necessary for reading.
  • Catch up reading
  • Arrow