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(Below the newsletters/information links, is a weekly blog of our learning experiences.)

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Whole class novels read (or reading) so far...

Whole class novels read (or reading) so far... 1 Read and we totally loved it!
Whole class novels read (or reading) so far... 2 Currently reading and hooked already!

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Month of December:

ENGLISH - The children are currently learning about how to construct sonnet poems. They've written their own sonnets based around an animated winter scene.

MATHS - We are learning all about fractions. So far we have ordered, compared, simplified, ,added, subtracted and multiplied fractions. Now we are solving problems involving these before moving onto dividing fractions after the Christmas break.

MUSIC - As part of our Music curriculum, we have studied and appreciated different musical pieces composed by Edward Elgar. His Enigma Variations are intriguing musical compositions which helped to inspire us into creating our own variations based on one of our friends. Here we are performing to the rest of our class:


Month of November:

ENGLISH - In English, we have writing our biographies about a World War One soldier using a teacher model and pupil write structure. We've come up with some really interesting ideas and well-constructed sentences. Our Biography BIG WRITE is on Friday 23rd November where we will be writing in style wearing our slippers, listening to WW1 songs and sucking on old-fashioned humbugs.

We're now learning about the structure of sonnet poetry. Watch this space!

MATHS - Our topic on fractions has begun. So far, we have simplified fractions using our knowledge about finding the highest common factor. We've also started to compare and order fractions with different denominators by using cuisinaire rods, bar diagrams and abstractly finding the common denominator.

SCIENCE - We've had loads of fun in Science investigating how we can alter the brightness of the bulb in a circuit. To our surprise, pencil lead is a resists some electricity but it depends how soft or hard the pencil lead is! To conclude our topic, we've used our knowledge to create electrical items for a Dragon's Den competition.

MUSIC - As of Monday 19th November, Miss Carr has introduced us to Edward Elgar -  a composer who lived at the end of the 19th century and composed famous pieces of music used to remember those who have died in war. We are listening to a different piece of his music each day at the moment and reflecting on the dynamics, pitch and tempo of the composition.

HISTORY - We were visited by a World War One soldier who talked to us about life in the trenches. He was very realistic and we learnt lots of new facts to add to our repertoire.


Weeks 1-3 The Start of a New School Year:

We've now been at school for three weeks and settled into life as Year 6s.

Here are some of the things we have been up to:

English - For the past three weeks, we have focused on a class novel called 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo in our daily class reading sessions. We've also been looking at making comparisons using conjunctions and front adverbials. After reading the book, we went to Norwich Playhouse to watch a stage production of it, noticing several similarities and differences. At the end of the unit, we wrote a letter to either the author or the theatre company to point out our main comparisons and opinions of these. We are going to e-mail some of our work which is giving our writing a sense of purpose.

Maths - We have been concentrating on place value and number with a specific focus on CPA (concrete, pictorial and concrete) representation and reasoning. We have explored large numbers and negative numbers through playing games, proving/disproving conjectures and using our cooperative learning groups share strategies.

PE - The main sport focus has been rugby with a focus on passing, defending/attacking and tactics.

History/DT - We've been learning about how World War One began and trench warfare. So far we've started making our own trench system models using primary and secondary sources of evidence.


We've also been researching important dates in 1914, ready to start plotting on our own timeline scrolls.


Below are some pictures of us with the GoGo leverets in Norwich Undercroft Gallery: