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Year 6

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Week Beginning Monday 16th October:

ENGLISH - We've started to explore our voice in poetry this week and share our thoughts/feeling/opinions about Victorian children at work and modern day child labour.

MATHS - Multiplication using standard written methods is our aim. We're getting there - we just need to work on our accuracy!

PSHE - On Wednesday, we visited Attleborough Academy and took part in three lessons all focused around the tale of Persephone and the Pomegranite Seeds. We learnt about oxygen and its affect on fire in Science. On the computers, we used Scratch to create simple games to catch seeds in a time limit. In drama, we did activities to work both sides of our brains and produced a small presentation of the story (which we performed to the other cluster schools at the end of the day).


Week Beginning Monday 9th October:

ENGLISH - We've spent this week preparing for our Big Write. On Friday, we wrote autobiographical pieces about our day as a Victorian school child.

MATHS - Multiplication is the focus of our learning this week.

P.E. - We're continuing to practise and refine our rugby skills out on the field.

HISTORY - Our theme this week is about Victorian Schools. We visited Great Cressingham National School where we were Victorian scholars for a day. We played with toys such as hoops; used slates and dip pens ; sang harvest songs and got to either sew or sketch depending on whether we were girls or boys!


Week Beginning Monday 2nd October:

ENGLISH -  We are completing our Queen Victoria speeches using key features such as the subjunctive mood, formal regal language, facts, feelings and opinions.

MATHS - Our focus has been addition and subtraction. Soon we will be moving onto short and long multiplication.

ART - We learnt that 'Patience is a virtue' as we threaded our needles and start sewing our cross-stitch samplers with Mrs Edwards.


HISTORY - This week, we have been comparing the living conditions of different classes of people in Victorian Society. We're currently creating museum models to demonstrate our learning.

P.E. - We're continuing to practise and refine our rugby skills out on the field.

The children have been investigating the work of Isambard Kingdom-Brunel and have learnt about the six main types of bridge. They've done this through practical focused tasks and research using IT and non-fiction books.


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