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Year 4

Hedgehog class - Y4 - Mrs Dixon

Welcome to Hedgehog Class!

Week commencing 24.9.18


In English this week, we have been collecting information about the character of Tommo Peaceful from the story, 'Private Peaceful' by Michael Morpurgo. They are enjoying hearing about Tommo's early life. We have organised the information into themes and written paragraphs for a character portrait.


In Maths, we have moved on from rounding numbers to reading four digit numbers and recognising the value of each digit using part-whole diagrams. We are very excited about using our new 'Tackling Tables' cards which the FOHPS have bought for us. Hopefully we will be whizzy with our tables before long!


In Science, we have been finding out about how we hear. Last week we made sounds using different things and decided what was vibrating to make the sound. This week, we have found out how the sound travels to our ears so that we can hear it.


In our topic work, we have looked at some propaganda posters from World War and decided whether the poster was intended to use guilt, patriotism, sense of duty or adventure to recruit soldiers. We will be soon designing our own. 

Archive 2017-18

WWII day at Thetford Ancient House Museum

Different ways of making 0.56.

For our Mayan topic we made some elaborate headdresses that would have been worn by high status Mayans like priests and kings. 

We have been doing some Autumn art inspired by the artist Andy Goldworthy.


As part of our Roman project we made replica Roman Shields.

In Science we have been looking at making circuits and which materials are conductors and insulators of electricity.