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PLEASE DO NOT BOOK HOLIDAYS IN TERM TIME - it will be recorded as unauthorised absence and may result in a fixed penalty notice.
Attendance is vital for progress and success. Please give your child every chance of success. Get them to school!

Late book
School starts at 8:55am.
The  gate and door will be closed at 9am sharp. Any arrivals after this will  need to enter through the office and sign the late book.

Please  contact the school on the first day of absence. The answering machine  is there for these messages if you can not get through. This is a matter of great importance. PLEASE ALWAYS PHONE.



Procedures for poor attendance and term time holiday

This year our target for attendance is 97%. Last year we just missed this target with 95.9% nearly hitting our target of 96%.


Every child should aim for high attendance. We understand that some children need to take time off for hospital appointments or have a chronic illness may lead to further time off. However, all children should aim to "BE THEIR BEST" and this means having attendance that is the best possible for that child. 


If your child is sick or has diarrhoea they must take 48 hours from the last episode to recover. It is not acceptable to take time off for treating head lice. 



No holidays will be authorised. If holidays are longer that 5 school days the Attendance Process will begin.


If your child has a large amount of absent days the the Attendance Process will begin.


Attendance Process

1. Meeting with the headteacher and action plan put in place.

2. Review with headteacher. If no improvement then a referral to the local authority will take place.

3. Referral will be processed and may result in further attendance meetings with Local Authority attendance officers or a fixed penalty fine.

4. Legal action would take place with non-payment.