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Pupil Premium

Our philosophy

We believe in maximising the use of the Pupil Premium Grant by utilising a long-term strategy aligned to the School Improvement and Development Plan. This enables us to implement a blend of short, medium and long-term interventions, and align pupil premium use with wider school improvements and improving readiness to learn.

Overcoming barriers to learning is at the heart of our Pupil Premium Grant use. We understand that needs and costs will differ depending on the barriers to learning being addressed. We identify the barrier to be addressed and the interventions required, whether in small groups, large groups, the whole school or as individuals, and allocate a budget accordingly.


Our priorities

Setting priorities is key to maximising the use of the Pupil Premium Grant. Our priorities are as follows:

  • Ensuring a high standard of learning and teaching in every class
  • Closing the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers
  • Providing targeted academic support for pupils who are not making the expected progress
  • Addressing non-academic barriers to attainment such as attendance, behaviour, mental health and adverse childhood experiences
  • Ensuring that the Pupil Premium Grant reaches the pupils who need it most


Barriers to future attainment

Hingham is a rural town. Parts of Hingham, are among some of the most deprived neighbourhoods in the country, with regards to factors such as fuel poverty; Hingham 14% (% well above the national average), Norfolk 11.5%, England 10.3% (source: Norfolk Insight 2021). The economic position of families is therefore mixed. The issues affecting the families suffering from some form of deprivation are the mixed economy of the area, rural isolation, poor academic achievement, low aspiration and poor access to support services, due to lack of transport.


Our review process

During an annual review, we will review the success of each intervention, based on evidence, and determine the most effective approach moving forwards – adapting, expanding or ceasing the intervention as required.

Individual targets are set for each pupil in receipt of the Pupil Premium Grant and their progress towards achieving these targets is analysed at the end of interventions.

Pupil Premium Expenditure Plan 2022