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Miss Gooch

What did you read as a child?


Well, where do I start? I have always loved reading. My favourite words as a baby were “read it, read it.” Every time my family would finish a story I would ask for it again.

One of my favourite books as a child was called The Bike Lesson (so much so my Nan still knows the words off by heart).


As I grew up I was at Primary School and a new book hit the shelves. It was a instant hit and I was a huge fan. It was of course Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. After reading the first page I was hooked and went on to read all the books in the series.


Do you have any stand out reading memories?

My stand out reading memories are my nightly bedtime stories as I child. I now enjoying reading a bedtime story to Malakai every night.


What do you enjoy reading now?

I love reading crime fiction in my spare time. But at the minute my favourite part of every day is sitting down as a family and reading Malakai a bedtime story. We go to the library every week to get new books and see which ones we like to add to his collection.


What are your 'Desert Island' books?

My desert island books would be the Harry Potter series. I try and read them every summer holiday!! Takes me back

to my childhood.