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Is believing in God reasonable?

Crash Course Philosophy: Anselm & the Argument for God

Crash Course Philosophy: Aquinas and the Cosmological Arguments

BBC Radio 4: Thomas Aquinas and the First Mover Argument

Some things in the universe are in motion; maybe you are right now, your heart certainly is. Every motion was caused by something else. But how, or who, first caused the universe to come into existence? Gillian Anderson breaks down Thomas Aquinas' theory. Narrated by Gillian Anderson. Scripted by Nigel Warburton.

Crash Course Philosophy: Intelligent Design

BBC Radio 4: William Paley and the Divine Watchmaker

In Natural Theology, a book that Charles Darwin studied as a young man, the theologian William Paley pointed out that if you found a watch on a heath you'd naturally assume it had a designer. Paley argued, that in a similar way, the human eye, a brilliant piece of biological machinery, must have had a designer too.

The Teleological Argument (Argument for the Existence of God)

Is the design of our universe sufficient evidence for the existence of God?

BBC Radio 4: The Big Bang

How did the universe begin? Did the universe come from something or nothing?

How has Belief in Christianity / Islam Impacted on Music and Art Throughout History?