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Miss Khanam

What did you read as a child?

I read a lot of books by American children’s authors such as Paula Danziger, Beverly Cleary, Betsy Byars and Cynthia Voigt. 


Do you have any stand out reading memories?

I bought a second hand copy of Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson at a school fete. Little did I know that that well-thumbed book would become one of my most treasured reads and the author my favourite children’s writer. It was the first book that left me in tears, a reaction that I had never had to events in a story before. I recently read the book to my eldest daughter who also loved it. She didn’t cry though as she’s made of tougher stuff than me!


As a mum I have been lucky to discover many new books with my children. The Jamela books by Niki Daly were a family favourite and we often took it in turns to read them to each other. It was quite a task getting hold of the the books as they went out of print a few years ago.

And who can forget You Choose by Pippa Goodhart? Nick Sharratt’s amazing illustrations have a magical quality to them because every time you experience the book, you notice something new. My daughter chose this book as her bedtime read every night for over a year!

What do you enjoy reading now?

I read a lot of children’s books as I have two young children. With my eldest daughter I have been reading the Scarlet and Ivy books by Sophie Cleverly, and with my youngest I have just finished reading A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig. We did start the book well before Christmas but it’s taken us longer than expected to finish it! We have planned to start reading The Girl Who Saved Christmas, also by Matt Haig, in November this year so we finish it by Christmas 2019!

I always make sure I read every night before I go to sleep, it's the best way to relax and forget about the dramas of the day. I’m currently enjoying books by Anthony McGowan. 

What are your 'Desert Island' books?

Without a shadow of a doubt I would have to take my entire collection of Katherine Paterson books. I never tire of reading her books and believe they are a good read for both adults and children.