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Mr Stead

What did you read as a child?

I read various comics and sports magazines, including programmes various sporting events. I also enjoyed reading anything by Roald Dahl, rhyming books and any story by Dr Seuss.  I also loved reading any non-fiction books that I could get my hands on to learn more facts. 



Do you have and stand out reading memories?

Reading was a huge part of my childhood. I loved sharing fiction and non-fiction books with my Mum, Grandma and Dad who would invent wonderful voices for the characters that we encountered. Reading the Harry Potter books with and to various members of my family after each book was released are special memories for me.  


What do you enjoy reading now?

I enjoy reading various fiction books as a way to relax. I am also reading a lot of recipe books in order to find recipes that I would like to try to become better at cooking! I read a variety of things these days including biographies, comedies, thrillers and the latest children’s books to discover the latest releases that we could use in the school in general and Fox Class in particular.


What would be your 'desert island' books?

‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking would be a good choice as there would be enough time to complete this book! Anything about Norwich City, music or sport. Also, a collection of joke, riddle and puzzle books should keep me busy.