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Roles and Responsibilities

Pupil Leaders

On this page you will find all the different roles and responsibilities that the children at Hingham Primary School can do. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for all areas of the school.
 Within each class there are monitors who are responsible for organising aspects of classroom life. Some of the older children have whole school responsibility for organising whole school life.

Team Captains
These are our Team Captains. They are responsible for leading team events for example the Skipathon and Sports day. This year they have ambitious plans to extend and enhance their role. They have each led a team assembly and look forward to trying some other new things this year.



Our prefects are an amazing group of young people who have volunteered themselves to take on extra responsibilities around the school. Our team of Prefects are very dedicated and are excellent role models to the rest of the school. They take on a range of responsibilities, including showing new parents around the school, helping out in the dinner hall, supporting the EYFS children at playtimes and lunchtimes, distributing letters to the classes and setting up the hall for assemblies.



School Council


We have an active School Council who meet monthly throughout the year. School Council is made up from 2 children from Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and 4 representatives from Y6, including the chair and the vice chair. 

The children help in shaping the way that things are done at Hingham Primary school. So far during 2018-2019, School Council have met 7 times with a range of different agendas.

In the Autumn Term, the School Council Reps met with the Friends of Hingham Primary School to find out more about the bid that the Friends had made to the lottery for a new trim trail for our field. School Council went out onto the playground before school to gather the votes of parents, carers and younger children who may come to our school in the future, to find out which trim trail design they preferred. 

School Council also found out from FOHS what their fundraising plans were for the year ahead so that School Council didn't double up on their plans. 

In December, we held a meeting to plan an Anti-Bullying week during January. (21.1.19) School Council made a chart with suggestions as to the types of activities that teachers' may like to cover during the week, including a Family Groups Assembly to design a positive poster or emblem to display around the school. 

In January, School Council designed, wrote and performed their own Anti-Bullying play which they performed to the whole school during an assembly.

Following on from this piece of work, School Council complied a Pupil Questionnaire for KS1 and KS2. They looked at ideas from other schools and thought of questions relevant to our school. The questionnaire was then delivered to all children to complete individually in class. In February, School Council collected in the results and discussed the key themes. 

Our March and April meetings have been busy and more regular as we reviewed our school 'Behaviour and Consequences Chart' to make it have more of a restorative approach. Mrs Spencer talked about the training that she and Mrs Newrick had been on and how this could be applied in our school. 

School Council began by looking at the old behaviour and consequences chart and taking some of the ideas from this but then thinking about how they could 'fix the damage' when things go wrong at school. School Council took this idea and shared it with each of their classes so that everyone in the school had a say on how the new chart looked. It took many lunchtimes and lots of discussion but finally the new version was ready to share! 

School Council wrote a letter to parents and carers to explain about the work that they had been involved in too.

Our next job is to share this with our Governors before the chart goes live. 

For the rest of the year, School Council are planning or carrying out an OFSTED style walk around the school, with their focus being on litter, The Hub and first impressions, as these were areas identified as being a priority earlier in the year.

Please find the latest School Council Meeting minutes below.....





Latest School Council Minutes.....


Huff and Puff Leaders
They organise the play equipment for lunch break that is stored in the Huff and Puff shed. They give out play equipment for all children to use and make sure that it is returned safely and stored properly. Huff and Puff Leaders also work as a 'go - between' for Children and our Midday Supervisors.

Pupil Led Clubs
The children also have had the opportunity to set up their own clubs. They must recruit an adult to supervise them, set out rules and a plan for the activities.
The children are then able to run the club for a half term before they need to reapply.